Areas of Expertise: Yoga (Hatha/Krama Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and Yogic Arts™)

Natalia Maslova is a Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance – a nationally recognized organization that sets rigid training standards for its Yoga Teachers to ensure quality and consistency of instruction.

Areas of Expertise: Shiatsu-Tuina, Acupuncture & Detoxification

Alexander Zide, L.Ac., L.M.T., has been involved in the healing arts for more than two decades. He began his training in Shiatsu in 1981, and 1983 graduated from the Swedish Institute as a Massage therapist. Thereafter he studied with numerous teachers, learning different techniques and ways to bring balance and harmony to the lives of his clients. In 1990, he began studying Acupuncture, and in 1996 was in the first graduating class of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine of New York.

Areas of Expertise: Weight Loss, Osteopathic Medicine, Antiaging and Metabolic Medicine, Women Health
respected niece weight loss doctor vadim surikov

Vadim Surikov, MD, DO, is a graduate of Kiev Medical School, Ukraine where he received his first degree of Medical Doctor (MD) and New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, New York, where he received his second degree of Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). He worked in Kiev and Moscow in the field of Cardiovascular medicine (Heart surgery, artificial blood circulation). Dr.

Areas of Expertise: Ayuverda (Yoga/ Sanskrit/ Yoga Therapy)

Shree Vinayak Kaurwar was born in Nagpur, India, in 1965. Initially he trained in Yoga with his father Dr. S.V. Kaurwar since the young age of 5. In 1991 after finishing high school and some college he came to USA and worked in various fields until in 1996 he realized his passion in Yoga and started teaching yoga to friends and people.

Areas of Expertise: Acupuncture

Dr. Gregory Kuperman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his practice as an acupuncturist which span a 30-year period.

Areas of Expertise: Tai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts
Jamie Guan

Jamie H. J. Guan graduated from the Beijing Institute for Performing Arts and performed with Peking Opera Troupe No.1 for 15 years specializing in martial arts roles.  He made his Broadway debut as actor and choreographer in the Tony award winning M. Butterfly and has performed and choreographed nationally and internationally in theater, film and television.

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Areas of Expertise: Podiatric ailments

Renowned for his pioneering techniques in painless foot surgery, Dr. Fish has been treating podiatric ailments in his Manhattan offices since 1987. His patients come from all walks of life, drawn by his conservative approach to medicine and his innovative surgical technique that puts them back on their feet in as short a time as possible. That is why his clientele includes numerous sports figures, including Olympic Champions.


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