SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR is an abbreviation for Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adapting Regulator or Short-pulse Electric Neuro-Adaptive Reflexological therapeutic stimulator. SCENAR energy turns on the brain to do what it should do - heal the body. The brain is the supreme coordinator of all healing. It controls the meridians, the immune system and the hormonal systems. Failure to heal indicates that the brain is stuck in a phase lock loop. Quite simply, signals from damaged tissue are not being recognized. SCENAR reactivates the brain. When used as an electro acupuncture therapy, signals are delivered more precisely to target tissues.

Spot treatment is rapid and complements all clinical treatments. Each point treated is in generally less than 30 seconds. The device automatically computes the disordered energy, sends back healing impulses, and beeps when the treatment cycle is complete. By using the Voll's electro acupuncture points, the points can be measured, treated and re-measured to insure therapeutic effect.

The SCENAR is able to detect minute electric impulses of the meridian system as well as the peripheral nervous system over lesioned sites and send to the brain dissonant impulses that stimulate a healing reaction. The premise of the therapy is that whenever tissue is lesioned, the brain's ability to initiate a healing response is impeded. SCENAR impulses on the skin modify the topical condition and provide a feedback loop that causes reactions in the brain aimed at restoring lost functions. While regulating unbalanced body systems, SCENAR normalizes pathological conditions. In this fashion, it is similar to homeopathy, but acts faster from our clinical observations. In fact, it is a great complement to homeopathic medicine.

All the great healing systems - herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, ayurveda, psychotherapy and chiropractic can only be effective if the brain and body are in communication. The brain regulates the nerve force, the meridian system (wireless anatomy), and the neuro-immunological functions through neuro-hormones and neuro-peptides. Chronic disease can be viewed as blocked or 'stuck' energy. Quite simply, if the brain is not recognizing the trauma, the immune function is disabled, and pathology continues. This sums up the degenerative process of cancer, allergy, autoimmune disease (diabetes, lupus, MS), and many others.

SCENAR therapy produces an electrical tidal wave of neurological energy that activates neuro-vegetative as well as immune response. There is no negative impact and the effect remains for a long time after treatment is applied. One treatment can start a cascade of healing that goes on for weeks, even months. Recovery occurs due to restoration and harmonization of inherent body reserves, not by suppressing the defense and adaptation mechanisms of the body. By contrast, allopathic drugs usually provide no restoration or harmonization, but merely suppress symptoms, perpetuating disease and often causing a cascade of degenerative response. Drug therapy has little place in the healing process, except when used for life saving measures and surgical interventions.

SCENAR is compatible with all kinds of treatments and creates only positive effects. Recovery is achieved, on average, three times faster when SCENAR is used with other modalities such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, dietary and herbal medicine. Thus, if treatment for lumbago requires a month of therapy, with scenar application it can be remedied in 10 days. Internal conditions respond accordingly. For example, treating a peptic ulcer with herbs often requires three weeks, but with scenar-therapy, symptoms may be eliminated in 5-7 days.

SCENAR therapy provides complete clinical recovery in 60% of disease cases and brings at least relief and improvement in 30% of cases. It is recognized as an ideal electrotherapy and one of the best reflex therapy methods. SCENAR provides normalization of malfunctions, shorter courses of pathology and improvement of general conditions. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antidropsical, anthelmintic, antiallergic and vasoregulating. It normalizes metabolic processes, improves lymph drainage, rejuvenates tissues, improves sleep and emotional conditions, and many other benefits. SCENAR brings no changes to normally functioning organisms.

One of the most valuable effects of SCENAR is that it eliminates stress reactions and stimulates health-improving reactions that promote self-recovery. For patients, SCENAR is a way to a new health. For users, SCENAR is a new way to heal and deliver life force.

More information available at: Scenar in America.